F*ck Christmas Songs

Picture by Michael Caroe Andersen
  • 30.11.2016
  • News

It may be the first of December but this is no time for Christmas songs. Talk about the worst musical genre. Ever.

Here’s some free and cheap live concerts in Berlin that’ll please your earlobes. Go. Go now and forget about that red-faced drunk in a santa suit. Let’s get real, he ain’t buying you no Ferrari for Christmas anyway.

  • Thursday 1st December

    songwriter: Musketeer, Unterrock - 20:00 Frei Listen

    reggae: Jah Hero + Jon Nymoen + Commander Messiah, Hangar 49 - 21:00  Listen

    folk johnny cash covers: A Night with Johnny Cash, Bar Bobu - 20:00 Frei 

  • Friday 2nd December

    folk Johnny Cash covers: A Night with Johnny Cash II, Bar Bobu - 20:00 Frei 

    songwriter: Ken deBurca, Kilkenny Irish Pub - 21:00  Listen

  • Saturday 3rd December

    jazz: Earshot, Donau115 - 20:30 Frei Listen

    blues: Terence Hansen Trio, ORWOhaus - 19:00  Listen

  • Sunday 4th December

    pop: Patricia Kelly: Blessed Christmas, Mercure Hotel - 19:00  Listen