Faffing round town with Music Around

  • 27.10.2016
  • News

Berlin is your city. And it just happens to have one of the best live music scenes in the world. Now it’s time to cripple your overseas friends with jealousy and enjoy it.

Music Around helps you find local gigs in your neighbourhood. It’s a m(app) of all the live music happening around you, and gives you the price, starting time, and a sample of the band to listen to.

All you need to do is get there.

All you need to do is dance away to beats you were born to love.

All you need to do is download the freaking app.

We’ll pepper this blog with reviews from time to time. Sometimes it’ll be about gigs, sometimes about live music venues. If you check out our social media channels, you’ll also find some updates on gigs you might want to catch this week. We generally don’t promote bands that cost more than a fiver. A tenner at most. Mostly because you already know where to look for paid gigs.

Music Around isn’t about that.

We’re more about helping you catch live tunes on the fly. From there, you can either plunk yourself front row centre with a beer in hand, or sit near that dusty cum-stained velvet curtain in the back and sip your whisky.

Good? Good.

Now go faff.