Winter is coming

Picture by Duncan Hull
  • 24.11.2016
  • News

Yes, winter is coming but unfortunately not the 7th season of Game of Thrones, so another very good reason to get out of the sofa and enjoy an incredible offer of nice concerts this city has to offer. Some for free, some not, and some based on donation, which means free if you are smooth and evil enough to avoid the "hat" (but come on! please! don't avoid the "hat"), so no excuse. Here some recommendations for the weekend and in case that's not enough, you can find many more with the Music Around app. Enjoy!

  • Saturday

    poetry songwriter: The Poetic Groove: Suzie Asado + Vera Di Lecce + ..., Ofen Bar - 20:00 Free Listen

    metal: Metallica Coverband: AlkoholikA, Nuke Club - 22:00 8 € 

    songwriter: Esïom, Prachtwerk - 20:00 3 € Listen

    acoustic: Bannerman, Bar Bobu - 20:00 Free Listen

    songwriter: Singer Songwriter Contest 2016, Artliners - 18:00 Free 

    songwriter: Mayvie, Café Tasso - 20:00 Free Listen

  • Sunday

    fusion jazz: Cosmic Level, Klunkerkranich - 16:00  Listen

    songwriter: Almost Charlie + Nicola Svart + Bernhard Eder, Prachtwerk - 20:00 5 € Listen

    folk: Lazy Sunday Session mit Tom Lee Who & friends, Artliners - 19:00 Free Listen